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The headquarters in Madrid control management, trading, logistics and quality control, in coordination with a solid structure in the countries of origin.

Currently ICONA Café has a representative office and export company in Brazil and a representative office in Vietnam, which has become the second largest producer and exporter in the last 20 years.

Furthermore, it has a presence in Uganda, the largest producer in Africa of Robusta Coffee, enabling ICONA to cover the main requirements of coffee roasters supplying all the other coffee types from additional producing countries, where it has strong business relationships.

Recently, in order to speed up business operations in Latin America, ICONA Café has been established as a new company in Montevideo, Uruguay.

In 2015, ICONA Café decides to get established in United Estates to strengthen its position in the world’s largest coffee market. Through its subsidiary in Los Angeles and Joint Venture with Cerro Grande, ICONA Café ensures its business presence and provides logistics services.

Address: C/ Príncipe de Vergara, 136 P.3 - 28002 - Madrid - Tel.: (+34) 913 837 700 - Fax: (+34) 902 337 700 - Email: iconacafe@iconacafe.com
Address: UNION TRADING SP - Rua Arizona, 1349 - 12° andar - conj.12A - Cidade Monções - São Paulo / SP - CEP 04567-003 - Teléfono: +55 (11) 5505 0212 - E-mail: info@utrading.com.br - www.utrading.com.br. Union Trading Esp. Sto. do Pinhal – SP - Teléfono: +55 (19) 3651 8442.
ICONA Vietnam. Address: Botanic Towers, 312 - Nguyen Thuong Hien st. - Phu Nhuan District - Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam - Tel.: +84 8 3550 0267
Representative office
Address: Av. Dr. Luis Alberto de Herrera 1248 Oficina 308, 11324 Montevideo – Uruguay